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Waterproof paint Face painting

10 to 15 per hour
Waterproof ProAiir DIPS is a concentrated pigment, cosmetic alcohol-based, highly durable formula created for use on skin. Unlike traditional cake makeup, DIPS will withstand extreme conditions like warm temperatures, sweating, water, rubbing and other activities that would normally lead to deterioration. Although much more durable than cake makeup, DIPS is not permanent and will dissolve naturally over time. or removed easily by applying liquid soap, and then water. 

Great for pool parties,  clubs or any other occasion where you need your paint to last longer.
$110 per hour.* (**)
** EZ Up tent rental /$50 to bring it.
Assistance will be needed to a set it up.

Only available for multiple hour events.
*A Traveling fee will be charged for events 20 minutes or more

Up to 20 minutes/ Included
21 minutes to 45 minutes/ $20
45 minutes to an hour /$30

I/We will only travel more than one hour to multiple hours events.
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