When looking for someone to paint at your next event, there are a few things you may wish to consider:


Since face painting may impact the health of the children attending your event, it is no doubt something you will want to look at.


Some face painters may use acrylic paint, It may be labelled “non-toxic”,  This merely means they can be ingested without harm; it does not mean “safe for skin.” This type of paint can cause very severe skin reactions and has not been approved for cosmetic type application. Professional face paints undergo testing to be FDA approved, have anti-bacterial qualities and unless someone is exceptionally sensitive, they are safe for use on most people. 


Do you know the difference between CRAFT and COSMETIC grade glitter? Craft glitter, because it can be large and may contain metal flakes, can be harmful to the skin and eyes. COSMETIC grade glitter is what should be used as it is made of polyester, small in size; and the only type considered safe for skin and near the eyes. 




Why hire

a Professional

face painter?




Often because face painting is so popular and painters are trying to be speedy, the hygiene side of things may be overlooked. A responsible professional face painter knows how to clean and care for products and supplies approprietly so that they do not harbour harmful bacteria. 


On the upside, you will most likely find that an experienced professional will be able to offer you a fast efficient service and get through line-ups quickly, perhaps creating a “Wow” design in a few strokes, which may be a little arduous for those who do not paint regularly. 





To provide peace of mind. It would be in your interest to hire a professional face painter who carries insurance, who can deliver exceptionally fast designs and above all to make sure our littlies are getting safe, colorful face paints! 





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