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Face Painting

Up to 15 faces
A combination of half face and fast designs. Cosmetic glitter and/or chunky glitter. 
$125 per hour.* (**), (***)
18 to 20 faces
Beautiful "Simple and Sassy" cheek, half face or arm designs with a puff of sparkles.
Or "Super Simple" designs for festivals or events with large crowds. A second or third face painter is recommended when you expect a large crowd in a short time frame.
Proof gig_edited.jpg
Simple flower
1627519098625 (1).jpg
1627509319450 (1).jpg
1627508752423_2 (1).jpg
Samples of "Simple and Sassy" and "Super Simple" designs
*A Traveling fee will be charged for events 20 minutes or more

Up to 20 minutes/ Included
21 minutes to 45 minutes/ $20
45 minutes to an hour /$30

I/We will only travel more than one hour to events 4 hours or more.
** EZ Up tent rental /$50 to bring it.
Assistance will be needed to a set it up.

Only available for multiple hour events.
10 to 12 faces
Dazzling full faces and intricate eye masks. Includes glittered lips.
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